segunda-feira, abril 18, 2005


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Jace disse...

This is beautiful. Easily one of the best city skyline pictures I've seen. Such lovely colours too.

What city is this?

supertatas disse...

hong kong :D

pipetobacco disse...

{ ... naufrago em ilhas nunca antes visitadas © de[mente] ... }

Devin disse...

What kind of lens did you use for this shot? I like the darkening effect that it has fading in from the lower corners. Still, I think that I'd crop it near square, full height, just to the left of the center of the photo. Would you mind sharing a high-res version with me?

And demente reminds me of a favorite poem, La Cancion Desesperada, por Neruda:
Todo te lo tragaste, como la lejanía.
Como el mar, como el tiempo. Todo en ti fue naufragio!

supertatas disse...

32mm :)

ohhhh I never crop my pics :(